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Participants will get a hands-on approach to learning about animals both in captivity, and in their natural environment therefore developing a greater understanding of the species. This learning environment will create a lifelong link and respect of nature and animals of all kinds. We take pride in being as interactive as possible working with as many different species of animals possible during each and every camp week! Participants can expect to develop the skills and expertise to care for all of the animals at the facility including lizards, snakes, turtles and tortoises, crocodilian, arachnids, amphibians and more!

The children will be submerged into the animal kingdom as they experience live educational animals shows from our professional presenters and educators. Campers will learn about and safely interact with each species at camp.

Presentation topics include native species, defense mechanisms, predator vs prey relationships, conservation and endangered species, evolution, and more!

In addition to the zoology and animal portion of the camp we will also spend time participating in adventure programming. Campers will partake in team building, low ropes initiative courses, swimming, hiking, orienteering, geo caching, archery, kayaking, crafts, games, challenges and more! Residential campers will also focus on developing life skills such as cooking and meal planning. This is now a true summer camp, creating authentic summer camp memories.

This summer camp program will pick your children up in the middle of the concrete jungle we live in and overwhelm them with the natural world around them. They will study hundreds of species learning facts about these creatures. This will definitely create a greater passion for wildlife in the life of your child.

Save the planet with us, one step at a time! It starts with knowledge, and knowledge starts at the Reptile Adventure Camp!

Camp Director,
Steve Featherstone

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