Animal Adoption pROGRAM

Reptile Camp has now started a animal adoption program! We currently have 6 donation levels to choose from with unique and exciting gifts for the supporters in each level!

At Reptile Camp we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of animal care and enrichment possible for all of our animals. Outreach programs such as birthday parties and educational shows, as well as our summer camp programs provide us with the necessary revenue to ensure our animals are happy, healthy and thriving! Now you can help us as well! Our animal adoptions program will raise needed funds in this difficult time making sure our animals continue to receive the best care available!

“Our quality of care is their quality of life”

Level 1:
Amphibians and Arachnids

$25 Donation

Level 2:
Turtles and Tortoises

$50 Donation

Level 3:
Snakes and

$100 Donation

Level 4:

$250 Donation

Level 5:
Animal Ambassador

$500 Donation

Level 6:
The MOJO Package

$1000 Donation